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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of an estimation and payment of deposit or receipt of purchase order will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions that govern the use of ("the Website"), and the services provided by Creative Reign Projects Ltd, 86-90 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom, 13815151 ("Creative Reign", "CRP", "we," or "us"). 


Please ensure you have read and fully understand what is written below.

Please contact us if anything is not clear.

Services offered

2.1 Creative Reign Projects Ltd ("CRP") provide a range of creative services, including but not limited to web design, web development, product design, scouting, photo and video production, post-production, brand design, logo design, consultancy, Google marketing, email marketing, and experimental development.

Estimation & Costs

3.1 All costs provided are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated and are valid for thirty calendar days from the date of the estimate.

3.2 The costs provided when estimated are guide prices based upon what we anticipate the creative, time and production requirements to be based on previous experience and on typical processes, plus client co-operation in provision of content, meeting deadlines and approval. Within reason, additional charges may be payable if there are significant variations to this, although the client would be made aware of this in advance. Charges are unlikely to deviate from those displayed on the Website or quoted unless requirements change significantly.

Payment & Project Terms

5.1 CRP retains the right to alter the specific terms and conditions on 'payments and project terms' on a project by project basis. If no alternatives are made then the following terms are automatically instated.

5.2 No consultancy, creative or development work will commence until CRP has received written approval of the quotation (by hand or by email) and a 50% non-refundable deposit of the agreed costs (unless otherwise agreed in writing). This ensures that the CRP is fully equipped to provide the very highest levels of service and expertise, from project inception through to completion. This also applies if a project is delivered in ‘stages’, whereby a deposit will be required before proceeding to each new stage.

5.3 Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. All setup fees are non-refundable as it is applied to costs immediately incurred in initiating services. If a project is terminated or postponed, all monies paid are retained by CRP and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.

5.4 Unless otherwise stated, the balance of payment will be due in full on the completion of any project as agreed between CRP and the client (e.g. on "sign-off" of digital assets, publishing of website, delivery of printed items, etc).

5.5 If a quotation has been provided where a project will be approached in ‘stages’, each stage will need to be paid in full on completion of that stage, before CRP is able to progress to the next stage. Where a project has been quoted in two halves (initial 50% deposit and final 50% balance) the balance of payment may be charged in full either on completion of the project or over a number of further staged payments at the discretion of CRP.

5.6 If any project exceeds the estimated timeline agreed or extends beyond 8 weeks from approval of quotation (whichever occurs first), CRP reserves the right to invoice 25% of any outstanding balance, with the remaining 25% payable on completion.

5.7 Unless otherwise stated above or previously agreed in writing, the client agrees to make the final payment within 10 calendar days of the due date or an 100 GBP late fee will be applied per month that the client is late after that time.

5.8 If payment is not received within 10 calendar days of the final invoice date and the client has a website developed by Creative Reign, CRP reserves the right to take the website offline (if published) and apply a 100 GBP late fee per month that the client is late after that time.

5.9 In case of non-payment, CRP reserves the right to retain all intellectual property created during the collaboration and revoke the client's access to media, social accounts, and the website.

Timelines & Milestones

6.1 Any anticipated completion date provided by CRP is subject to options chosen and client co-operation in provision of information, resources (logos, images, etc.) and approval. CRP will do its very best to ensure that agreed timelines are adhered to.

6.2 Project timelines are estimates and not fixed but CRP will not be held liable if the project overruns due to delays caused by the client passing information or approval, any third party issues or force majeure (act of God). Clients are advised to allocate additional time for projects.

6.3 In the unlikely event that the client is not satisfied with the first round of presented work, CRP will develop a further round of additional creative development and presentation (providing the brief hasn't changed from that originally agreed). If after a second round there is still no agreement on direction, CRP and the client both reserve the right to bring to an end any agreement in relation to the project with no refund of deposit or payments made previously.

6.4 At the end of each stage of the process (including, but not limited to, before sending an item to print or publishing a website) the client will need to 'sign-off’ their approval either in person, by email or through the client portal. No further development can be undertaken until CRP is in receipt of written approval confirmation (except for 6.5).

6.5 Unless otherwise stated, the client will have 3 business days to review and provide either approval or feedback from the date of notification. If no response has been received within that time, the stage will be considered approved, and CRP will progress to the next stage. Any amends to work after approval will incur additional charges for further time spent, although the client would be made aware of this in advance.

Content, Copy & Images

7.1 It is assumed that unless otherwise stated, copy and images will be provided by the client, although CRP will contribute to this (through headlines, and top-line messages) as a natural part of the creative process. CRP is able to provide a full copywriting service or copy advice, as well as illustration and photography at an additional cost if required.

7.2 Additional charges (for graphics) will be applied if any pictures or illustrations need to be sourced from. (We will not purchase any images until we have client approval).


8.1 We always seek a number of quotations from our trusted print suppliers and provide a complete management service: from print-sourcing to print liaison to proof checking. Although clients are not contract-bound to use CRP to provide this service, it is highly recommended for quality control and peace of mind. If a client prefers to use their own print supplier, CRP will simply provide artwork directly to the client to manage and forward, and will be unable to monitor, advise or take any responsibility for the process or final output.

8.2 Clients should be aware that due to a variety of factors there will often be variance in colours shown between in-house proofs, colours on screen, printer’s proofs, and final printed items. These factors are determined by the source of the print or visual (each output source e.g CRP printer, the client’s printer, the imagesetter, the monitor etc will differ from the other), the types of inks or make-up of colours (even Pantone colours can vary significantly and often surprisingly depending on what stock or substrate they are printed on), the type of print process (digital or litho printing), the substrate (paper, card, plastic etc) used, individual preferences (ambient light, personal computer settings etc) and other reasons. As a result of this CRP is unable to guarantee 100% consistency and accuracy of colour on all items and may not always be able to achieve the exact result expected by the client.

8.3 In the case of printed items, the only true guide as to what is likely to be produced, is to request a ‘wet-proof’ on the actual intended substrate with the actual inks to be used, although this will incur additional cost, which would need to be paid for in advance. However as long as the client accepts there may be inconsistencies across work produced, this step may not be necessary. CRP does not accept any responsibility for colour variations as a result of these indeterminate factors.


9.1 The client agrees to indemnify Creative Reign Projects Ltd and keep CRP indemnified and hold CRP harmless from and against any claims, actions, proceedings, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses suffered or incurred in relation to work or services provided. CRP is not liable for any loss that may occur before, during or after the development of projects undertaken. CRP will not be held responsible for any delays, errors or losses arising from any third party.

9.2 The client agrees to alert CRP in writing to any defects or problems in relation to work and services provided, within 30 calendar days of the final invoice date. CRP will not be liable for any claims made after this period.

Copyright & Intellectual Property Ownership

10.1 Until payment is received in full, all designs, artwork and rights to design and artwork (whether in digital or printed format) remain the intellectual property of CRP. Full copyright and ownership of all ‘commissioned’ work will reside with CRP until full payment has been received, at which point CRP will surrender to the client, all claims of ownership and full copyright for final work produced (not including alternative designs, concepts, options, files, images or documents developed throughout the process). There would be a minimum charge applied to cover the costs of studio time to package and transfer any artwork files for the client.

10.2 CRP will never knowingly infringe any copyright or trademark and will deliver, to the best of knowledge, creative solutions that are original and unique to CRP. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that no copyright or trademark has been infringed and to make their own application for copyright or trademark with the ‘UK Intellectual Property Office’ if required.

10.3 If requested, CRP will (at its discretion) provide the client with end-artwork in its final form (e.g. print-ready PDF; outlined EPS file etc). However CRP does not by default (or without further charge) provide Clients with original artwork or HTML code (for example a Figma file, layered Photoshop file or source files) or any working or development files, rejected concepts and designs, images or documents generated throughout the project. Ownership and copyright of all unused or rejected files, documents and designs will reside with CRP for non-exclusive future use.

Acknowledgement for Work

11.1 Appropriate credit and acknowledgment for work produced by CRP should be attributed to Creative Reign Projects where possible (for instance written in small text on the back of a printed item or at the bottom of a website) and may be referenced for CRP’s promotional purposes unless otherwise (in exceptional circumstances) prearranged with the client.

11.2 This agreement is subject to appropriate credit and acknowledgment appearing and CRP’s right to use the work for self promotion in its portfolio, in presentations, in advertising, in print and online.

Third Party or Client Modification

12.1 CRP will not be responsible for any damage created to the website (CMS/front end) by the client or agent of the client and or including any third party whether requested or not by the client. In the absence of a Support agreement any repairs will be assessed at an hourly rate of £80/hr (1 hour minimum charge).

Merchant Account

13.1 The client will need a Merchant Account to enable the ability to accept credit cards online if applicable to the project. Any charges necessary including time and expenses to secure the Merchant Account by CRP on behalf of the client are chargeable to the client. Any delays of payment for these additional charges may result in a delay in timescales to move onto the next milestone/stage in the project.

Photo & Video Productions

14.1 If the client is not present during a commissioned photographic shoot or video production, then the photographer's and/or videographer's interpretation of the brief is to be deemed acceptable. Unless stated in writing on the day of the shoot, there is no right to reject on the basis of style or composition unless otherwise agreed.

Statutory Rights

15.1 These terms and conditions of business supersede any previous versions and apply to all present and future projects unless otherwise agreed in writing. CRP reserves the right to change or modify these terms at any stage with immediate effect. By agreeing to these terms, your statutory rights are not affected.

Estimation Acceptance & Invoice Conversion

4.1 Upon acceptance of an estimate provided by CRP, the estimate will immediately convert into an invoice. The client agrees to pay the invoice in accordance with the terms outlined therein.

4.2 The client acknowledges that a deposit payment is required to initiate the project. The deposit amount and due date will be specified in the invoice.

4.3 The client agrees to make the deposit payment within 7 calendar days of the invoice due date. Failure to make the deposit payment within the specified time frame may result in the cancellation of the project. In such cases, CRP reserves the right to terminate the agreement and reallocate resources to other projects. Any fees or costs incurred by CRP as a result of the cancellation shall be the responsibility of the client.

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